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Everest users : US Postal code update Dec 2010 is available for download




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    Matt Hahn

    When i go to do a import it wants a text file, this link does not give me a txt file please help

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    Lewis Hollingworth

    rar file a compressed file, like a ZIP file.  Download 7zip here, it is free, open-source, and will open/extract the rar file.

    install 7zip, download the rar file, open it with 7zip, click the "extract" button that looks like a minus sign, save it to your desktop or somewhere you can find it, and that should give you a file you can use.

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    IAVI IT team

    Is this to be done on each client installation or once (maybe on the server)?

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    Mike Kinkade

    Just apply the update to your server, though the update can also be done from any workstation as well.

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    Pamela Lafosse

    When processing the import, Everest is showing as number of records imported as zero and the number of records imported as erroneous.  Is something wrong with the file?

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    Paul Mandeltort

    Hi Guys, please use standard .ZIP for these updates. My production environment does not have a RAR utility installed on it and we keep our machines locked down. 

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