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How do I create a project request?

The out of the box configuration allows anyone to create a project request in the Project Request List. A workflow can then be used to approve or reject the project request. If the project request is approved, the project request will then be added to the Project Center and then additional fields may be completed in the Project Item form. If the project request is rejected, the project request will appear in the Project Request list under the Rejected category heading. This article covers creating a project request in the Project Requests Center.

1. Navigate to the Project Requests List

  • Click the Requests link located in the Navigation Menu.

2. Click New Item

  • Click the New Item button.

Note: It is possible for a Team Member to create a project request and approve the project request. However, once approved, the Team Member will not have access to edit the project item in the Project Center.

3. Enter the Title

  1. Complete all required fields indicated by a blue asterisk.
  2. Complete additional fields.
  3. Click Save.

4. View the Project Request View Form

  1. View the Project Request View Form.
  2. Click Close.

5. View the Project Request List

  • View the Project Request List.
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