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How do I create a "non-project" project so that my resources are allocated to a certain amount of time to non-project work?

Creating a “non-project” project, such as Operations, to allocate resources to a certain amount of time in the Resource Plans can be used so that when looking at the Resource Analyzer, you see all project allocation, which includes true projects and also non-project projects. Once a task schedule has been created and published, the Import Work feature can be used in the Resource Planner to pull in the assigned scheduled work hours from the Task Center. By doing this, the imported work from the Operations (PI) time is accounted for in the Resource Planner and when when looking at the Resource Analyzer, all project allocation, which includes true projects and also non-project projects can be viewed.This article covers the business case for when/why you would create a non-project project, and the the step by step instructions to do so.

1. View the Non-Project Project

  • View the non-project project titled Operations. A non-project item can be created so that resources can be added and work hours allocated for non-projct work.

1.1. View the Project Schedule

  • View the project schedule.

1.2. View the Published Tasks in the Task Center

  • View the published tasks in the Task Center.

2. Edit  the Resource Plan

  1. Select the non-project item in the Project Center.
  2. Click Edit Resource Plan.

3. Click Import Work

  • Click Import Work feature button.

3.1. Click Apply

  • Click Apply.

3.2. Click OK

  • Click OK.

3.3. Click Close

  • Click Close.

4. Click Save

  • Click Save.

5. Click Yes

  • Click Yes. This will enable the hours to be visible in the Resource Analyzer.

6. Click Close

  • Click Close.

7. Select Department

  • Display the resources by department in the Resource Center and select the desired department.

8. Select the Resource Analyzer

  1. Click the Tools menu.
  2. Select the Resource Analyzer.

8.1. Click Display

  • Click Display.

9. View the Committed Work

  • View the Committed Work in the Resource Analyzer. Any project that a resource is committed to from the selected department will appear in the Resource Analyzer.

10. View Scheduled Work

  • View the Scheduled Work in the Resource Analyzer. These hours are the work hours visible (scheduled work) from the Task Center.
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