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How do I import a cost plan into the Resource Planner?

If a project has a cost plan in place, and the cost plan has been configured with Labor Cost Categories and Cost Category Roles (e.g. PM, Developer, etc.) it is possible to import that cost plan into the Resource Planner. You cannot import the cost plan into the Resource Planner unless you have the cost plan configured with Labor Cost Categories and Cost Category Roles.

1. View the Previously Created Cost Plan

  • View the cost plan data above which was created with configured roles. This data will be imported into the the Resource Planner shown below.

2. Click Edit Resource Plan

  1. Select the project in the Project Center.
  2. Click Edit Resource Plan.

3. Click Import Cost Plan

  • Click Import Cost Plan.

Note: The Import Cost Plan button is an advanced feature that only works when your cost plan is configured to show Cost Category Roles (e.g. Project Manager, Developer, etc.) under a Labor Cost Category. For more information about this feature - please contact your Site Collection Administrator.

3.1. Select the Appropriate Cost Values

  1. Select the appropriate cost values.
  2. Click Import.

3.2. View the Imported Cost Plan

  • View the imported cost plan.
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