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What are the prerequisites to use Project Publisher?

The EPM Live Project Publisher software enables the data entered in Microsoft Project to be published throughout EPM Live. The two prerequisites that are needed to successfully use the Project Publisher with EPM Live are:

  1. The user must have Microsoft Project (2010, 2013, or 2016) installed on their local computer/laptop.
  2. The correct version of EPM Live Project Publisher (32 bit or 64bit) must be installed.

This article describes how to verify which version (32 bit or 64 bit) of Project Publisher to install. It is determined by:

  • Version of Microsoft Project
  • Version of Windows Operating System

1. Verify Microsoft Project Version

  1. Click the Start Menu.
  2. Hover over Programs.
  3. Navigate to the right of the Microsoft Office Folder.
  4. Confirm Project version.

2. Verify Windows Version

To manually determine whether your computer is running a 32-bit version or 64-bit version of the Windows operating system, do the following:

  1. View the System window in Control Panel.
  2. If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows 8, 64-bit Operating System is displayed in the System type field under the System heading (as above). If you are running a 32-bit version of Windows 8, 32-bit Operating System is displayed in the System type field under the System heading.



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