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How do I use the Stop Watch?

The Stop Watch feature makes it possible to track time against a line item. This lesson covers using the Stop Watch to track time against an item added to My Timesheet.

Note: The Stop Watch feature may or may not be enabled in a site. To enable the Stop Watch feature, please speak to your Site Collection Administrator.

1. View the Stop Watch

  • View the Stop Watch icons to the right of the Work column.

Note: The Stop Watch will be visible after an item has been added and saved to the timesheet.

2. Start the Stop Watch

  • Click directly on the Stop Watch to begin tracking time on the line item.

Note:  The Stop Watch can be used to track time one line item at a time.

3. Stop Tracking Time

  • Click directly on the Stop Watch to stop tracking time on an item.

4. Click OK

  • Click OK  to stop tracking time.

5. Confirm the Time

  • Click Yes to add the time to your timesheet.

6. View the Time Added

  • View the time added to your timesheet in the corresponding date grid.
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