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How do I add a backlog item in the Agile Planner?

Backlog items can be added in Backlog List or in the Project Agile Planner. The difference is a team member may add them in the Backlog List as they would not have access to the Project Agile Planner and the scrum master might prefer to add them quickly in the Project Agile Planner.  Backlog items can be added in the top or bottom grid  in the Project Agile Planner. This article covers adding a backlog item in bottom grid while in the Project Agile Planner.

1. View the Task Buttons

  • View the Task buttons.

2. Click the Task Button in the Bottom Grid

  1. Click the Task button in the bottom grid.
  2. Enter the task name and tap your Enter key.

3. View the Added Backlog Item

  • View the added backlog item.  

4. Click the Save Button

  • Click Save.
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