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How do I run a reporting Cleanup All?

This article will show you how to schedule the Report Cleanup. This article explains how to schedule the Cleanup All (Reporting Cleanup). Note: The Cleanup All DOES NOT include the Reporting Refresh. The Reporting Refresh is run separately from the Cleanup All.

Although all List Apps are mapped to a database table dynamically, there may be unusual situations where the data becomes out of sync. To offset any possible anomalies, the reporting cleanup job is available to correct any data reporting issues. This job will clear all tables and re-synchronize the data. It will also run various maintenance tasks to ensure that the system is configured consistently.

Note: Only run the Cleanup All as needed. This is not a regularly scheduled or needed feature (if ever at all).

1. Navigate to Reporting Settings

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Enterprise Reporting heading, select Reporting Settings.

2. Select Cleanup All

On the Actions drop down menu, select Cleanup All.

3. Cleanup All Warning Message

If you select Cleanup All, you will get this confirmation warning message. You may then select Cleanup or Cancel.

Warning: This function is used to clean up list report data by completely deleting and re-adding list information to the database. This process can take a considerable amount of time to complete and should only be done if absolutely necessary.

If your intention was to refresh the timesheet, portfolio, and group security information cancel out of this dialog and click 'Refresh Schedule' under the 'Settings' link.

4. Cleanup In Progress Status

While the Cleanup All is running, the Cleanup column will show as Queued. Refresh your browser to see the Cleanup column change from Queued to Processing (and % complete). Then, when the cleanup job is complete, refresh again and the Cleanup column will update to the "i" icon. Once the Cleanup All is completed, this icon signifies that the cleanup was completed successfully.

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