ITAR and EAR are a set of US Export Controls that govern the export of articles related to defense, security, nuclear, space and satellite technologies.

ITAR (International Traffic and Arms Regulations) is a set of US government regulations that control the export and import of defense-related articles, technologies and services on the United States Munitions List (USML). These are defined articles with specified applications in defense, security, and space & satellite technologies. Any component of these defined articles whether tangible or intangible are regulated under ITAR. 

EAR (Export Administration Regulations) is a set of US government regulations that control the export and import of ‘dual use’ articles, technologies, and services listed on the Commerce Control List (CCL). Articles identified under EAR ‘dual use’ applications are defined as articles which provide or can provide applications within both US defense and security as well as civil applications. These articles include energy and nuclear, weapons, aero and space, transportation, munitions, and a multitude of various components both tangible and intangible that may be applied both by US defense and security as well as in civil applications.

It is not necessary that the origin of these articles be based from the United States. The US government routinely conducts business outside of its borders and any article defined under ITAR/EAR,regardless of its origin, that is utilized in any capacity by the US government is controlled under these export regulations.

The purpose of ITAR Security is to prevent the transmission of regulated data (Export Controlled Proprietary Data) to Versata entities, or if it is impossible to prevent the transmission of regulated data to Versata entities, to prevent the export of that data to Foreign Nationals. 

Because Versata routinely uses offshore entities in the performance of customer obligations, and because Versata subsidiaries routinely do business with US defense-industry customers who may have custody of export controlled proprietary data, we have developed an ITAR Control Policy to ensure compliance with ITAR/ EAR regulations. Part of this control policy is the routine review of updates to tickets provided by customers that have been tagged as managing regulated data. Regulations also control the access to the companies FTP and the facilitation of screenshare meetings with ITAR/EAR related customers (customers who fall under export control restrictions).

Any company tagged as managing export controlled proprietary data will be subject to these reviews and regulations.

All customers identified as a regulated customer under ITAR/EAR must agree to Versata’s ITAR/EAR Terms and Conditions before support can manage their issues. An email will be sent to any customer submitting a ticket who has not yet confirmed their acceptance of Versata’s ITAR/EAR Terms and Conditions. In order for a customer to confirm and agree to the terms they must read through the terms and conditions provided within the email and reply stating that they have read and understood them. This is a one-time request and once the customer confirms and agrees they will not be asked to do so again.



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