A list is a collection of data that you can share with team members and other site users.  There are 3 primary types of lists in EPM Live.

  • Rollup Lists are “virtual” lists that show the data that exists and is managed in the lists at the lower levels; the Rollup lists do not actually contain any data.
  • A List App is a list that contains data, processes, relationships, and security.
  • Enterprise lists are lists that will be used across all sites.

A view of a list allows the user to see a particular selection of items or to see the items sorted in a particular order.

You can use a number of ready-to-use lists and list templates, which provide a good starting point for organizing list items. The way that you organize your lists depends on the needs of your group and how you prefer to store and search for your information. A site usually includes many default lists, including Links, Announcements, Contacts, Issue Tracking, and Tasks that you can use as a focal point for team collaboration or in a business solution.



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