What types of cost reports are available in EPM Live Analytics?

In the Resource Pool, there are two security groups specific to the EPM Live Analytics reports: Report Writers and Report Viewers. When adding or modifying a resource in the Resource Pool, you may select if that user has access to the EPM Live Analytics reports and can grant permissions to the user as a report writer and/or report viewer. This article shows how to access the Project Cost Reports page in EPM Live Analytics.

1. Navigate to Reports Page

  1. Select the Navigation icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. On the Navigation Menu, under the Projects Community heading, select Reports.


2. Open Advanced Reporting

  • Click the Advanced Reporting button.

3. Select the Projects Category Heading

  • Select the Projects Category heading.

Note: Please refer to the EPM Live Analytics Guide for all instructions regarding viewing, creating, and modifying the EPM Live Analytics Reports.

4. View the Project Cost Reports Available

  • View the Project Cost Reports available. Your site may or may not include some of these reports.




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