What is the Resource Pool?

This article covers viewing the Resource Pool.  Only Site Collection Administrators have permission to add and delete users from the Resource Pool.

1. Click the Resources Link

  1. Click the Navigation icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click the Resources link on the Navigation Menu.

2. View the Resources

  1. View all the resources that have been added to the Resource Pool.
  2. View the tools on the View Toolbar. The options included on the View Toolbar in the Resource Center include: New Item, Search, Filter, Clear Sorting, Group, Columns and View Box.
  • New Item - Used to quickly add a new item (e.g. Project Item).
  • Search - To quickly search for a specific item in the list.
  • Filter - Used to filter by specified options.
  • Clear Sorting - used to clear any sorting performed on the columns.
  • Grouping - Used to group by items.
  • Columns- Used to add and remove columns to the current view.
  • View Box - Used to display alternative views.


2.1. View the Managing Grouping Option

The Managing Grouping option is one of the tools available on the View Tool Bar. A use case for the Managing Grouping would be to group by Department and then by Role. After applying the grouping options, the desired view could be saved by the End User for future reference.

2.2. View the Applied Grouping

View the applied grouping.

3. View the Tools Menu

  • View the Tools menu options.

4. View the Reporting Menu

  • View the Reporting menu options.



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