What is the My Workplace Community?

There is a community called the Global My Workplace. This is a list of links for users to access features and lists within EPM Live. It’s global, meaning that the links are available globally across the site collection. Alternatively, the Navigation Menu (top icon on icon bar) shows the navigation links for just the site/workspace where the user has navigated, meaning the links and communities change per site/workspace. My Workplace is a “personal community” within the site that contains your individual work lists and collaboration tools. This lesson covers viewing a My Workplace Community.

Note: List links displayed below the My Workplace heading may vary depending on your site collection configuration.

1. Click the My Workplace Button

  • Click the My Workplace button on the Icon Bar.

Note: Notice the thin line above the My Workplace button on the Icon bar. The two icons above this thin line are specific to the current location the user has navigated to within the site. If the user is at a workspace then any links above the thin line are specific to the workspace. The icons below the line are global.  

2. View the My Workplace Community Below

  • My Work: this link navigates to where assigned work can be viewed and managed.
  • My Timesheet: this link navigates to Timesheets where individuals can add work items, non work items, and the hours to their timesheet.
  • My Time Off: this link navigated to where Time Off Requests can be entered, submitted and viewed.
  • To Do: this link navigates to where To Do items (Action items) can be entered.
  • Discussions: this link navigates to Discussions where individuals add a discussion to the Discussion Board and collaborate with other users.
  • Events: this link navigates to the Events Calendar where users can add and view company wide events.
  • Wikis:  this link navigates to the Wiki List where users can view and contribute to existing Wiki pages.
  • Shared Documents: this link navigates to the Shared Documents Library where users can upload, view, and checkout shared documents.
  • Pictures: this link navigates to the Pictures Library where users can upload and share pictures.
  • Links: this link navigates to the Links Page where users can share internal or external links with others.

Note: Your My Workplace Community Navigation Menu may appear differently as each site and its communities are configured to your business needs. That is, if your organization does not use Timesheets, then that app will not be present on the Navigation Menu as shown above.

2.1. View the Examples of two My Workplace Communities

  • View the examples of two My Workplace Communities above.



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