What is the layout of the Resource Analyzer?

The Resource Analyzer is used to view resource commitments (allocations). The Resource Analyzer makes it possible to look at project items and the detailed resource usage in a split screen. This article displays the layout of the Resources Analyzer.

View the Split Screen

View the Split Screen
  1. The Resource Analyzer is split into two screens.
  2. The top section lists the Project Items, the resources working on the projects, roles, and departments.
  3. The bottom section lists the resources from the department previously selected, roles, and the data to the right displays availability for the resources from the selected department.

Note:  It is from here that it is possible to see what team members are working on and what the allocation looks like within this window. For example, we can see that Angelina is over-alloctaed, as she is scheduled for 275 hours in the months of December and January.  



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