What is the KanBan Planner?

The word KanBan roughly translate to "a card you can see and touch." In EPM Live the KanBan board is a used to control and visually monitor processes in small steps which helps to identify problems and maintain continuous improvement.The KanBan Planner allows you to visually view, add, track, and update the status of items quickly and easily in one location. Within the KanBan Planner you can quickly drag and drop KanBan cards through workflow stages. For example, you can physically move items quickly through the KanBan board columns from - "Not Started, to In Progress, Completed, Waiting on Someone, or Deferred." Or perhaps display Prioritization and have the columns appear as Low, Medium, or High. Another example could be to map the Project Life Cycles and display the columns as Create, Select, Plan, Manage, and Close. The KanBan Planner can be used for any list (Backlog, Risks, Tasks, etc). The KanBan Planner must be added by your site collection administrator and once added, it can be accessed via the Edit Plan button. In this article the KanBan Planner has been added and applied to filter the Issues List.  This article displays the layout and options available in the Issues KanBan Planner.  

1. View the Issues Status KanBan Source List and Task List

  • This Issues Status KanBan has been added by the site collection administrator and notice the source list is the Project Center and that is pulling from the Issues List.

Note: The KanBan Planner can be set on any list. For example, it can pull from the Task Center List, the Backlog List, the Risks List, the Project Center List, and more.

2. Select the Planner

  1. Navigate to the Project Center.
  2. Select the project name.
  3. Select the Edit Plan from the ellpsis menu.

3. View the Issues Status KanBan

  • View the Issues Status KanBan option.

Note: The number and types of KanBan Planners available are set up by your site collection administrator.

4. View the Layout of the Issues Status KanBan Planner

View the layout of the KanBan Planner.

  1. The Create New Button - allows you to add new items from the KanBan.
  2. Status Vertical Columns - Backlog Items go through the columns of Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Deferred, or Waiting on Someone Else. These choices are set up by the site collection administrator.
  3. Priority - allows you to filter by priority.
  4. Issues Cards - can be dragged to different columns.
  5. Board- allows you to alternate to additional KanBan boards (Issues Priority KanBan, Issues Status KanBan, etc).

4.1. View Ellipsis Options Available

  • View the ellipsis menu options available.

4.2. View the Filter Tool

  • View the Priority Filter tool.

4.3. View the Board Filter

  • View the current existing KanBan boards that have been added to the site.

Note: In this site, there are two KanBan boards: the Issues Status KanBan and the Issues Priority Kanban.

4.4. Drag and Drop

  • Easily move items by dragging and dropping them into desired column.



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