What is the importance of the Project Manager field?

The resource name(s) entered into the Project Manager field will be able to perform certain functions as well as receive certain notifications. This article describes the process of what can happen as a result of entering  a resource name in the Project Manager field within the Project Item Form.

1. View Project Manager and Planners Fields

Names added to Project Manager Field:

  • Can Edit Resource Plan
  • Can Approve Timesheets in Project Manager View
  • With negotiations enabled, will receives notifications and is responsible for approving

Names added to Planners Field:

  • Can Launch and Edit Project Plan
  • Receive Project Plan Update Notifications

Names added within Build Team to Owner Group:

  • Can Edit Project Item Details
  • Can Edit Cost Plan
  • Anyone listed as a Project Manager or Planner must be added to Build Team Owner Group
  • Person who creates the project is automatically is in the Build Team Owner Group

Created by field:

  • Receives Project Plan Update Notifications
  • Automatically added to Build Team Owner Group

2. Scenario 1

Enter the resource name(s) who will be in charge of managing the schedule and project artifacts in this field. Save.

Scenario 1: In this scenario, Marianne is the person creating this project and will be the Project Manager for this project item.  Because she created the item, she is

  • automatically is added to the Build Team as an Owner
  • receives any project plan update notifications (anyone who creates the project item or is named in the Planners field will get project plan update notifications)
  • able to edit the project item
  • create a cost plan / resource plan
  • able to launch the Project Planner
  • approve timesheets in the Project Management view

3. Scenario 2

If you are creating the project item and want to add another resource to act as the Project Manager and manage the project schedule, then you need to add the resource name(s) in 3 places.

Scenario 2: In this scenario, Marianne is creating the project item but wants Christina to act as the project manager and planner, thus:

  • add the resource name (Christina) to the Project Manager field
  • add the resource name (Christina) in the Planner field so that they will receive the project update notifications.
  • add the resource name in Build Team (Christina) in the Owner Group.

4. Build Team - Add to Owner Group

The Project Manager name must also be in the Project Owner permissions group within Build Team. Once the Project Manager is added as Owner, he or she will be able to edit the project details and launch the Project Planner.  If that person is also noted in the Planners field, he/she will also receive notifications of pending updates to the project plan (weither using the Project Planner or MS Project).

5. Build Resource Plan


The Project Manager has the permissions to create, edit, and view the Resource Plan.

5.1. Create Resource Plan

Create a Resource Plan.

6. Build Cost Plan


The Project Manager has the permissions to create, edit, and view the Cost Plan.

6.1. Build  Cost Plan

Build a Cost Plan.

7. Approve Timesheets

The Project Manager has the permissions to approve timesheets at the task level. Click the Project Manager link.

7.1. Approve Task Level Timesheet Details

Project Manager can approve task level timesheet details.



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