What is an app?

An App is a term used within EPM Live, which can be applied to various different entities. Apps are added by your site collection administrator. He/she determines which community the App will be added to and the order on the Navigation Menu. This lesson provides examples of the three types of Apps: Bundled, Single, and 3rd Party Apps.

View Bundled Apps

  • A Bundled App is a collection of lists or features within EPM Live that can be added to any community or used to create a new community. Examples include: Customer Relationship Management, New Project Development, Software Development, IT Service Management, and Application Portfolio Management.

View Single Apps

  • A Single App is an individual list or feature within EPM Live that can be added to any community. Examples include: Project Requests, Project Risks, Project Changes, and Project Programs.

View 3rd Party Apps

  • A 3rd Party App is an individual product that can be added / installed to any existing EPM Live deployment. Examples include: Yammer and Forms 2010.



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