What is a Community?

This article defines communities.

1. Click the Navigation Icon

  • View the communities listed. A new community can be created from scratch, from a bundled app, or even from a single app! To view the available communities in your site, click the Navigation icon.

Sample communities might include:

  • a specific discipline such as PMO, CRM, or PSA
  • a department like IT, Marketing, or HR
  • or roles like Project Managers, Resource Managers, or Team Members

Note: A new community can be created from scratch or when installing an App.

1.1. View Examples of Projects Communities

  • View the examples of Projects Communities.

2. Click the My Workplace Icon

  • View the My Workplace community. My Workplace is a “personal community” within the site collection that contains your individual work lists and collaboration tools.

2.1. View Examples of My Workplace Communities

  • View the examples of My Workplace Communities.



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