What is a "What-if" scenario within the Modeler?

After viewing the targets, executives may need to make some decisions about whether to move a project, not approve a project, or possibly put a project on hold. This lesson covers understanding "What-if" scenario options within the Modeler.

1. Option 1: Move a Project

  • Drag a project item bar to the right in the Gantt Chart to move the project out to the future.

1.1. View the Heat Map Changes

  • View the Heat Map changes on the bottom of the split screen. Moving the Gantt Bars in the Gantt Chart is one option managers have when creating a "What-If"scenario. If this move is considered to be needed, then communication has to take place so that it is physically moved out in the Project Center.

2. Option 2: Un-check a Project

  • Un-check the box to the left of the project item name in the upper half of the split screen.

2.1. View the Heat Map

  • View the rendered results in the heat map in the lower half of the split screen. Here the heat map does not take into consideration the project that is not selected in the top half.



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