What data is instant (live) data in EPM Live?

This article describes the types of data that are instantly visible in EPM Live after being added and or updated.

1. List Items

When a list item gets added, the data displays instantly. For example, when you add a new project item, the project name is visible in the Project Center immediately.

View the Create Form for a project item.

1.1. View the Project Center List

The saved project is visible instantly in the Project Center List.

2. List Items Updates

Any updates made to a list item are considered instant (live), as the updates are visible immediately. For example: if the project State field is updated in the Edit Form, this information is immediately updated. View the State field in the Edit form.

2.1. View the Instant Update

The update is immediate as the project item has immediately been moved to the "Active“ category within the Project Center list.

3. Cost Plans

Any cost plans that are created and or updated are considered live data. For example, after saving a budget added in the Cost Planner, the total budget is visible in the Budget field within the Project View Form. View the budget added in the Cost Planner and note the total budget in the upper left ($41,600).

3.1. View the Budget Field

View the Budget field in the Project View Form.

4. Resource Plans

Any resource plans that are created and or updated are considered live data. For example, after saving a resource plan in the Resource Planner, the total resource plan hours are visible in the Resource Plan Hours field within the Project View Form.

4.1. View the Resource Plan Hours

View the total resource hours in the Resource Plan Hours field.

5. Check-in Documents

Once a document has been checked-in, the document updates and version history are visible immediately. In this example, a project document has been updated with an objectives paragraph as indicated in the Version Comments field above.

5.1. View the Comments

View the immediate updated version history comments noted in the Comments column.

6. General Notifications for Work Items Assigned

Once a work item is assigned and saved, a general notification is sent immediately to the assigned resource and can be viewed from the General Notifications box. In the example above, an issue is created and assigned to Marianne.

6.1. View the Instant General Notification

View the instant General Notification.



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