What are the recommended web browser settings?

This lesson covers adding your Site App Internet address (URL) to your trusted sites list and viewing the recommended web browser settings.

1. Click the Internet Options Link

  1. From the Tools menu, click the Internet Options link.

2. Click the Security Tab

  • Click the Security tab.

3. Click the Sites Button

  1. Click Trusted Sites.
  2. Click the Sites button.

4. Enter the URL Address

  1. Enter the URL address.  
  2. Click Add. Your Site App URL has been successfully added to your Trusted Sites. Be sure the "Require server verification" box is NOT checked. Close.

Note: Your URL may be different. If you do not know your URL address, please contact your site collection administrator.

5. Click Custom Level

  • Verify the Enable Protected Mode is un-checked. Click the Custom level button.

6. Select Security Settings

In the Security Settings-Trusted Sites window, scroll through and select the following settings: ActiveX Controls and plug-ins

Enable the following ActiveX controls settings:

  • Download signed ActiveX controls .
  • Download Unsigned ActiveX controls .
  • Initialize and script ActiveX Controls not marked as Safe.
  • Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins .
  • Scripts ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting.

7. Enable Downloads

  • EnableFile Download.

8. Scroll to Miscellaneous

  • Scroll to Miscellaneous and enableAccessdata.

9. Enable Display Mixed Content

  • EnableDisplay mixed content.


10. Select Automatic logon with Current Username and Password

  1. Select the radio button for Automatic logon with current username and password.
  2. Click OK to save your changes.

11. Click OK

From the Internet Options window, click OK. Close Internet Explorer completely and re-launch.



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