What are the Project Publisher features?

Once Microsoft Project 2010 or 2013 has been launched, you will find the Publisher tab located on the ribbon. The Publisher tab contains several options. Listed below are the options available on the Publisher tab.

1.  Publish

Click Publish below the Publisher tab. This will initiate the publishing process.

2.  Update Progress

Click Update Progress. This will obtain task updates made by team members back in EPM Live. It is from here the Project Manager will accept or reject the updates. It is only after the Project Manager accepts the updates, that they are added to the project schedule.

3.  Cost Planner

Click the Cost Planner option to launch the Cost Plan for this project.

3.1. View the Cost Plan

View the Cost Plan for this project.

4.  Resource Planner

View the Resource Planner.

4.1. View the Resource Plan

View the Resource Plan for this project.

5. Communicate

The Communicate button contains a sub-list of the options:

  • Request Updates - this option creates an email requesting team members to update tasks.
  • Email Team - this option creates an email to everyone on the project team.
  • Email Selected Tasks Resources - this option creates an email to all resources assigned to the selected task(s).

6.  Project Options

The Project Options menu contains the following options:

  • Project Settings - this is used to view the URL of the EPM Live site and publishing options.
  • Resource Mapping – this displays the dialog box to view & manage resource mapping between the Microsoft Project plan resources and the project team resources in EPM Live.
  • Project Information - this displays the dialog box with project item information.
  • Custom Fields - this list includes many of the out-of-box Microsoft Project fields for purposes of mapping and publishing such project fields to an EPM Live site. However, if there is an out-of-box Microsoft Project field that is not included in the default Project Publisher Custom Fields list, you can create a custom Microsoft Project field and map it to an out-of-box Microsoft Project field, at which point you can then publish that data to your Task Center/Project Center list your EPM Live site.
  • Synchronize Fields - this enables you to synchronize a new custom field to your Microsoft Project schedule without having to publish the entire schedule. You can do this by using the Synchronize Fields feature in Project Publisher.
  • Delete Project- this is used to delete the published synchronization of a Microsoft Project schedule from the EPM Live site to which it was published. Note: This also deletes the project itself from Project Center.

7. Go To Workspace

Click Go To Workspace to launch a new browser window with the EPM Live site.

8. Import/Export

Note: At this time, the Import/Export menu options have been disabled and are currently non-functional.

The Import/Export menu contains the following options:

  • Import All
  • Import Team
  • Import Availability
  • Import Non-Work
  • Post Plan

9.  Help

The Help menu contains the following options:  


  • Proxy Servers – these are used in certain circumstances where a user may not have direct access to the EPM Live environment.
  • Activate – if needed, this is where the Company and Serial Number associated with your Project Publisher order is entered.
  • Online Help Guide – This menu option has been disabled. Refer to additional articles in this User Guide how Project Publisher help & how-to.
  • Check for Updates – this will scan the version of Project Publisher you are currently using and identify if a newer version is available.
  • Enable PPM this enables the portfolio cost & resource planning features (i.e. Cost Planner and Resource Planner). This feature MUST be enabled in order for your tasks to publish thoroughly into all EPM Live features, such as the Resource Analyzer as Scheduled Work.
  • About - this button will launch the specifics of the version of Project Publisher currently installed on your computer. It is also from here where you can enable/disable the “Check for updates” feature. Enabling this feature will automatically alert you if a newer version of Project Publisher is available for download.  




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