How does the Timesheet Manager send Un-submitted Timesheets emails?

The Timesheet Manager has the ability to generate three types of emails. These types include emails to: Users with Un-submitted Timesheets, to All Users, or to a Select Group of Users. To send emails use the Filter button and the Email Selected option on the toolbar. This article covers generating Unsubmitted Timesheets emails.

1. Click the Filter tool

  1. Click the Filter on the toolbar.
  2. Select the View Unsubmitted option.

2. Select the Email Option

  1. Check the box to the left the resource name(s)
  2. Click the Email Selected button.

3. Complete the Fields

  1. Complete the Message fromfield.
  2. Complete the Body field.

4. Click the Send E-mail Button

  • Click the Send E-mail button. All team members with un-submitted timesheets will now receive the email.



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