How do the numbers in the Comparison field change?

This lesson reviews the changes that take place on the ribbon in the Comparison group when manually entering numbers into the Comparison field, when using the Selection field to move project items from one group to another (Selected to Unselected), and when using the chosen filters.

1. View the Project Items and the Total Budget Reflected in the Optimizer

  • View the total budget of the selected project items displayed.

2. Enter Values into the Comparison Field

  1. Enter the desired values into the Comparison field.
  2. View the Remaining number displayed.

3. Click the Selection Options: In/Out/Auto

  • Click the arrow to the right of the selected Auto. Select the desired option. This option is available to help determine which project items to include in a strategy. The choice available include: In, Out, and Auto. Click the Selection drop down menu and select the desired option. When forcing a project item to the Unselected group, the numbers in the Comparison field will change.


  • In: Will force the project item to remain within the Selected Group.
  • Out: Will exclude the project item from the Selected group.
  • Auto: Will allow the filters applied to determine if the project item fits within the Selected or Unselected group.

4. Push the Slider Filter Bars

  • Push the slider filter bars to the right and view the changes in the Comparison field. The slider filters make it possible to filter project items based off the selected filters. Slide the filters to the right or left to obtain the desired results. After moving the sliders the numbers in the Comparison field will reflect the changes made.

5. Un-check the Boxes from the Choice Filters

  • Check or Un-check the boxes from the Choice filters applied. The numbers in the Comparison field will reflect the changes made.

Note: The out of the box Choice filter options are State and Project Type.



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