How do I view My Work?

My Work is the location where team members go to update the status of work items assigned to them. My Work can be accessed from the Navigation Menu. This article covers viewing My Work.

1. Click My Work

  • To view My Work, click the My Workplace icon on the Icon Bar and  then the My Work link on the Navigation Menu.

2. View the Default View in My Work

  • View the default view in My Work. The default view in My Work has assigned items listed by due date.

3. Activate the Ribbon

Click anywhere within the My Work web part. My Work has three Ribbon Tabs: Page, Manage, and Views.  

  • The Page Ribbon Tab has the action buttons for editing the page.
  • The Manage Ribbon Tab has all the actions for managing the views, adding comments, etc.  
  • The Views Ribbon Tab has the actions for modifying how the page looks, such as filters, grouping, changing views, etc.

4. Hide the Ribbon

  • Click the Hide tab to hide the ribbon.

Note: The behavior of the ribbon is set by the site collection administrator. Thus your site may appear differently.



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