How do I view my timesheet?

This article covers viewing a timesheet in the My Workplace Community.  EPM Live allows team members to track time against project tasks as well as any other work and non-work items in timesheets.

1. Navigate to My Timesheet

  1. Click the My Workplace icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click the My Timesheet link on the Navigation Menu.

Note: The link on the Navigation Menu may appear differently depending on how your site collection administrator has configured it.

2. View the Timesheet

View the Timesheet
  • View the timesheet.

Note: My Timesheet has two tabs. The My Timesheet tab and the Views tab. The My Timesheet tab is used to add and remove timesheet items and to save and submit a timesheet. The Views tab is used to modify, save, rename, delete, and change views.  



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