How do I view associated items in the Project Center?

If the ribbon is visible, the associated items of multiple projects can be viewed by selecting one or more projects in the Project Center, and clicking the Associated Items option within the Associated Items group on the ribbon. If the ribbon is hidden the associated items can be viewed from the Project View Form. The types of associated items listed are dependent on the apps that are installed. This article covers viewing the associated issues from the Project Center (ribbon) and from the View Form.

1. Use the Ribbon to View Associated Issues

  • In the Project Center, select the boxes to the left of the project names that you wish to view the associated items.

1.1. Select the Type of Associated Item

  • Within the Associated Items group, click the associated type of items (Issues) to be viewed.

1.2. View the Associated Issues

  • View the returned associated issues.

2. View the Associated Items From the View Form

  • Click on the project title.

Note: The ellpsis menu may be used to access the View Form.

3. View the Associated Items

  • View the Associated Items group.

3.1. Hover Over the Number

  • Hover over the displayed number in the bubble and view the details.

Note: A new issue can be added from this window.

3.2. Drill into Issue

  • Click on the title of an issue to drill into the details.

3.3. View the Details

  • View the details of the issue.



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