How do I view a list report?

It is possible to view List Reports and SSRS Reports from Edit Team and from the Report Center in the Business Intelligence Center. This lesson covers viewing an Issues List Report from the Business Intelligence Center.

1. Click Reports

  1. Click the Navigation icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click Reports on the Navigation Menu.

2. Click the Classic Reporting Box

  • Click the Classic Reporting box.

3. Click the Plus Sign (+) to the Left of the Category

  • Under the Report List, click the plus sign to the left of Issues.

4. Select the Report Type

  • Select the report from the listed options.

5. View the Report

  • View the selected expanded report.

6. Click the Actions Drop Down Menu Button

  • Click the Actions bolt icon.

7. View the Options Under the Action Button

  • From the Actions button, it is possible to export the report to a spreadsheet, view in a Gantt chart, print the report, and more.

8. Close the Report

  • Click the X in the upper right corner to close the report.



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