How do I use the View Toolbar?

If your site collection administrator has enabled the Show View Toolbar, than the View Menu Toolbar will be visible. The View Toolbar is located near the top of the page below the Ribbon tabs. The View Toolbar buttons include: Add New Item, Search, Filter, Clear Sorting, Group By, Select Columns, and View Box. This article covers using each of the View Toolbar options available in the Project Center. The Clear Sorting button and the View Box will be used on the Issues List.

1. Add New Item

  • Click the New Item button.

1.1. Complete the Required Fields

  • Complete the required fields indicated by a blue asterisk.

1.2. Add Additional  Information

  • Complete any additional desired fields.

1.3. Save

The Prioritization feature is a combination of business driver choice fields and score calculation fields. The numeric values from each of the business driver calculations (the Rating fields) are multiplied by a weighted percentage. By default in the Out-Of-Box solution, there are four business drivers, which each have a weight of 25% of the total score. The weighted percentages add up to 1.00 (100%).

Select the appropriate options from the fields that make up the prioritization core. The following business driver choice fields are used for calculations. Based on the out-of-box configuration of the Prioritization App, the users would select from the available choices for the following fields:

Strategic Alignment:

  • Not Aligned to Corporate Business Objectives
  • Moderately Aligned to Corporate Business Objectives
  • Strategically Aligned to Corporate Business Objectives

Cost Reduction:

  • No Cost Reduction
  • Cost Reduction of less than 10%
  • Cost Reduction by 10% - 35%
  • Cost Reduction by 35% - 60%
  • Cost Reduction by 60% - 100%

Improve Employee Satisfaction:

  • No Employee Satisfaction
  • Moderately Increases Employee Satisfaction
  • Greatly Increases Employee Satisfaction
  • Significantly Increases Employee Satisfaction


  • No Risk
  • Minimal Risk Impact
  • Moderate Risk Impact
  • High Risk Impact
  • Severe Risk Impact

2.      Select the Project Update Method.

3.     Click Save.

1.4. View the Newly Created Project Item

  • View the newly created project item. Click Close to return to the Project Center list.

2. Search

  • Searching for items in lists and views has never been easier. Click the Search button located below the ribbon.

2.1. Search

  1. Enter the desired selections in the search fields and/or type the word you wish to search for.
  2. Click the Search symbol to the right.


2.2. View the Search Results

  • View the returned search results. To clear the search results, delete the information entered in the Search box.

3. Click the Filter Button

  • Click the Filter button on the View Toolbar.

3.1. Select the Criterion

  • Click to the right of the Filter indicator and select the desired criterion.

3.2. Enter the Desired Parameter

  • Enter the desired parameter (date, number, % Complete, name, etc). Tap your Enter key.

3.3. View Returned Results

  • View the returned results.

3.4. Remove Filter

  • To remove the filter, click the Filter box and select the Off option.

4. View the Sorted Issues List By Priority

  • View the Sorted by Priority Issues list.

4.1. Clear the Sorting

  • Click the Clear Sorting button on the View Toolbar.

4.2. View the Cleared Sorted Issues List

  • After the Clear Sorting button has been clicked, the list of items will be returned to the alphabetical listing.

Note: Names that start with numbers will numbers will proceed those with letters.

5. Click the Group By Button

  • Click the Group By button located on the View Toolbar.

5.1. Select the Desired Option(s)

  • Select the desired option.

Note: Up to four grouping options may be applied.

5.2. Click Apply

  • Click Apply.

5.3. View the Results Results

  • View the selected Grouped By results.

6. Click the Fields Button

  • Click the Fields button.

6.1. Check  the Desired Fields

  1. Check the boxes to the left of the desired fields to be added to the view. Un-check the boxes to be removed from the view.
  2. Click Apply.

6.2. View the Returned Results

  • View the returned results.

Note: The view displayed is only temporary. If you navigate away from this list and then return the view will revert to the default view.

7. Click the View Box

  1. Click the View Box.
  2. Select the desired view.

7.1. View the Selected View

  • View the selected view.

7.2. Double Click to Edit

  • The double-click edit mode can be used on list items to make changes directly in the desired fields. Double click the priority field to edit the item.

7.3. View the Updated Item

  • View the updated item.



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