How do I use the search for an item in timesheets?

This lesson covers using the search feature in Timesheets.

1. Click Add Work

  • Click Add Work on the ribbon.

2. Search for a Work Item

  • As the list of  work items grows, you may wish to search for a work item. To do so, click the Add item button and then click the Search button displayed in the ribbon.

3. Select the Desired Criteria

  1. Click in the criteria field box.
  2. Select from the listed options.

4. Enter the Title

  • Enter the title and click the Search button to the right.

Note: Partial words can be entered.

5. View the Returned Item

  1. View the returned item.
  2. Check the box to the left of the item.
  3. Click the Add button if you want this item added to the timesheet.

Note: To clear the search, deleted the text in the Value box and click the search button again.

6. View the Added Work Items

  • View the added work items in the timesheet.

Note: A resource can add the same work item to their timesheet multiple times. A resource may do this so they can note some hours of a task as billable and other not billable. Another example is a task can be added twice and each row can be for a different charge code, category, department, etc. The distinction is based on configuration by the Site Collection Administrator.



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