How do I use the My Work Filter Toolbar?

The My Work Filter Toolbar offers multiple ways to filters for specific information. They include: Show Active, Show Completed, Show Me, and the Search for option. These are new dynamic filters and display the items based off of what is in the list. This lesson covers using the My Work Filter Toolbar features available in the MY Work Center.

1. View the My Work Filter Toolbar

  • View the four filters visible on the My Work Toolbar.

2. Click Active

  • Click the Active link on the My Work Filter Toolbar.

2.1. View the Active Work Assigned

  • View the list of Active Work Assignments. Anything that is not marked as completed and assigned to the user will appear in this list.

3. Click Show Completed

  • Click the Completed link on the My Work Filter Toolbar. It is possible to use the Show Completed button on the ribbon below the Views tab to get the same results.

3.1. View the Completed Work Items List

  • View Completed Work Items list.

4. Click the Show Me Filters Button (...)

  • Click the Show Me ... link. The Show Me Filter link makes it possible to filter by Work Types, Created By, Priority, Status, Flag and Due Date.

4.1. View the Show Me Filter Options

  • View the Show Me Filter options.

4.2. View the Show Me Filter Option 2

  • View the Show Me Filter options from the Ribbon.

Note: Task Center Appears to the right of Work Types. When Issues, Risks, and To Do Items exist, these too will appear in the list.

5. Click the Find an Item Box

  • Click the Find an Item box.

5.1. Enter a Word or Phrase

  • Enter a word in the box and tap the Enter key.

Note: The text can be entered in the Find an Item box on the ribbon as well.

6. View Returned Item(s)

  • View the returned item.



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