How do I use the Move Values (Drag & Drop) feature within the Resource Planner?

It is possible to drag and drop values from one cell to another in the Resource Planner. This lesson covers using the Move Values (Drag and Drop) option in the Resource Planner.

1. View the Values in the Resource Planner Fields

  • View the values in the above fields.

2. Drag and Drop the Values out to Future

  • Place your mouse over the value you would like to drag to the right (e.g. to January). Watch for the "Moving Period values..." indicator.

3. Release the Mouse

  • Release your mouse and view the moved values.

Note: The values have been moved out to a later time period. It is possible to move them back from this point, if desired.

4. Click Save

  • Click Save.

5. View the Resource Plan

  • View the saved resource plan.



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