How do I use the Match feature within the Resource Planner?

The Match feature is used for finding a resource. A generic resource can be replaced with a named resource in the Resource Planner by using the Match feature. This lesson covers using the Match feature within the Resource Planner.

1. Click Match

  1. Select the generic resource to be replaced.
  2. Click Match.

2. Select from the Returned Matches

  1. Select from the returned results list on the bottom.
  2. Click Add.  

Note: The Match % is based off:  Department for 25%, Role for 25%, and Availability for 50%.

  • Available = the number of working hours per month (in the example above) minus any holidays from the holiday schedule.
  • Committed = the number of hours committed to any resource plans and any time off hours entered.
  • Remaining  = Availability - Committed

3. Select the Appropriate Option

  • Select the appropriate option (Fullfill).


  • “Fulfill” allows you to assign one or more Named Resources to a Generic Resource commitment. Using “Fulfill” will add the Named Resource(s) below the Generic Resource.
  • “Replace” will actually replace the resource (Named or Generic) with the new resource (Named or Generic).

4. Click Save

  1. View the replaced generic resource with the named resource.
  2. Click Save.

5. Click the Appropriate Button

  • Click the appropriate button.

6. View the Resource Plan

  • View the resource plan.

7. Make an Individual Resource Row Public

  1. Select the resource row you wish to make public.
  2. Click the Make Public button.
  3. Click Save.

8. View the Resource Plan

  • View the resource plan.



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