How do I use the Import Work feature?

It is possible to import a task schedule from the Task Center into the Resource Planner. The "Import Work" tool is to be used if you are not building a resource plan manually, but rather performing some bottom up planning. The "Import Work" feature brings in assigned hours. These hours are assigned in the task schedule. If the Project Manager builds the resource plan manually (top down planning), they can later compare the resource plan to the “scheduled work” in the Resource Analyzer. When creating a resource plan manually, generic c resources can be added to the Resource Planner and then hours or FTEs can be planned out per month. This approach is used when performing top down planning. Top down planning is used when a project has not gone live yet and when the hours and resources needed are directly added into the Resource Planner.

The bottom up approach is used when the project schedule has been created in the Online Project Planner or in Microsoft Project to help in the forecasting of the resource hours that will be needed. This schedule is then imported into the Resource Planner.  The "Import Work" feature brings in assigned hours and then the resource plan is created based off of the schedule (imported work).  Next, any generics that were added in the task schedule need to swap out with the named resources from within Resource Planner. This article covers using the Import Work feature in the Resource Planner.

Note: A resource plan can be built manually in the Resource Planner or the Import Work feature can be used. Best practice is to use one or the other.

1. View the Task Schedule

  • View the task schedule for the User Conference Project. When creating a resource plan, it is possible to import this task schedule into the Resource Planner.

2. Navigate to the Project Center

  • Click the Projects link on the Navigation Menu.

3. Edit the Resource Plan

  1. Click the ellipsis menu of the project name.
  2. Click Edit Resource Plan.

4. Click Import Work

  • Click the Import Work button.

5. Click Apply

  1. Check or un-check names.
  2. Select the date range.
  3. Click Apply.

6. Click OK

  • Click OK and then Close.

7. View the Imported Work

  1. View the imported work from the Task Center.
  2. Click Save.

8. Click the Appropriate Selection

  • Click the appropriate selection. For this example, "Yes" is selected. 

9. View the Saved Resource Plan

  • View the saved resource plan.

Note:  As changes are made to the schedule dates and work hours, maintenance of the Resource Plan needs to be completed by importing the changes back into the Resource Plan.



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