How do I use the Icon Bar?

The Icon Bar is constant bar located on far left side of the site collection and can be viewed from any page. The Icon Bar contains seven small icons and when accessed each icon  displays a different menu of options. This article covers using the Icon Bar.

1. View the Icon Bar

  • View the Icon Bar.

The Icon Bar displays the following buttons:

  • Navigation - used to display all communities and the associated links
  • Create New - used to add new List or Library Apps
  • My Workplace- used to navigate to the My Workplace Community
  • Favorites - used to navigate to Favorite Pages and Items
  • Most Recent - displays Most Frequent Apps and Recent Items
  • Workspaces - used to create New Workplaces (Contribute2 and above Permissions) and view All Workspaces (including Favorite Workspaces)
  • Main Gear Settings - displays the Settings Links

Note: The first two buttons display the current site content. The last five buttons display global content.

2. Click the Navigation Button

  • View the Project Community and its associated links.

Note: The Navigation options displayed may differ from site to site, as sites may be configured to your business needs.

3. Click the Create New Button

  • View the Create New options (List and Library Apps).

4. Click the My Workplace Button

  • View the My Workplace Community and the associated links.

5. Click the Favorites Button

  • View the Favorite Pages and Items added.

6. Click the Recent Items Button

  • View the Frequent Apps and Recent Items list.
  • Frequent Apps - shows the five pages (lists & libraries) you go to most often.

  • Recent Items - shows the items you have opened in this session of EPM Live. When you log out and come back into EPM Live in another session, the Recent Items list clears out.

7. Click the Workspaces Button

  • View the Workspaces button.

8. Click the Settings Button

  • View the Settings links displayed.

Note: To list of items displayed is based on permissions. Thus, a site collection administrator will see a much larger list of items. A user would see the Site Content and SharePoint Settings links only.



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