How do I use the Copy and Save Version buttons to create a What-if scenario within the Modeler?

The Copy and Save Version buttons are used to save your "What-if" scenarios into a version snapshot. This lesson covers using the Copy and Save Version button to Create a "What-if" scenario and save it in a Version snapshot within the Modeler.

1. Click Copy Version

Click Copy Version below the Display tab. This button is used after after having applied a target, and then creating a "What-if" scenario (for example:pushed out a project one month). By using the Copy Version button we can copy the scenario into a Version snapshot.

2. Select the Projects

  1. Select one or more projects.
  2. Click OK.

3. View Version 1

  • View Version 1 in the Details (top grid) section. Notice you now have a Current andVersion 1 version available to toggle between.

4. Click Save Version

  • Click Save Version. After the Version 1 is saved, it can be referred to at a later time.



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