How do I use the Auto-Add Work feature in my timesheet?

This lesson covers using the Auto-Add Work feature in EPM Live.

1. Click Auto-Add Work

  • On the My Timesheet tab, click the Auto-Add Work button. All work items that you are assigned to and are currently in progress will be added to your timesheet.

1.1. View the Added Items

  • View the added items to the timesheet.

2. Add the Hours

  • Add hours to the right in the corresponding grids.

2.1. Update % Complete

  • If your site reflects the % Complete column, you double click in the grid to update the % Complete for each task. This can also be done in My Work.

3. Click Save

  • Click the Save button.

4. Click Submit

  • Click the Submit button after all hours for the work period have been entered.



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