How do I use comments?

Comments can be added to items throughout EPM Live. Adding comments promotes collaboration among team members. Though the steps in this article cover adding a comment to a task in the Task Center, the steps would be similar when adding a comment to a project, issue, risk, document, etc.

By default the To box is populated with the person who created the item and any name(s) in the assigned to field for that item. If adding a comment on a project, the To box is populated with the creator of the project and any name(s) of resources who are added to the project team. The names in the To box cannot be changed. The CC box names can be added & removed.

Comments are shown in the Notifications drop down and sent via email to all users in the To & CC boxes.

1. Navigate to Task Center

  • Navigate to the Task Center list using the Navigation Menu.

2. Click the Comment Option

  1. Click the ellipsis menu (three dots) to the right of the desired item.
  2. Click the Comments option.

3. Add  a Comment

  1. If needed, add additional names to CC field.  
  2. Type a comment in the box below the CC field.
  3. Click Post.

Note:  The "To" field will reflect the name of the resource that has been assigned the task (work) item and the creator of the comment.

4. Close the Comment Box

  • Click the "X" to close the Comment Box.

Note:  Only the creator of the comment can edit or delete the comment.

5. View the Comment Bubble

  • View the comment bubble.

6. Click the Home Link on the Navigation Menu

  • Click the Home link on the Navigation Menu.

7. View Social Stream on the Home Page

  • View the Social Stream on the Home Page. The Social Stream displays all items a user has access to in EPM Live. The Social Stream is used to quickly add items, view newly added items, and to promote collaboration.
  • Comments show on the Social Stream and also on the Comment Stream web parts.



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