How do I use Comments in My Work?

Comments are used to facilitate communication amongst team members. Comments can be added on any list item. This lesson covers adding a comment within the My Work Grid.

1. View the My Work Page

  • When a comment has already been made on the work item, it will show a dark grey Comments bubble icon with the number of comments.
  • When no comment has yet been made on the work item, the Comments column will be blank. If you hover over the column, a light grey Comments bubble will show.

2. Click the Bubble

Whether or not a Comment has been made, click the Comments bubble to launch the Comments window for that work item.

3. Add a Comment

To: The Comments for any item automatically include the follow two users in the "To" field: Created By and Assigned To. These are not editable.

  1. CC: Enter the name(s) for any users to include on the Comments as new followers. The CC'd users will receive the general notifications and email just as those in the To box. Users can be added or removed from the CC field. Any time someone opens the Comments box for an item, it remembers all those who had previously been added to the CC field.
  2. Enter the desired comment.
  3. Click Post.

4. Manage Comments and Close the Comments Box

  1. Use the Edit link to edit the post. Use the Delete link to delete the post. You can only edit or delete comments that you added.
  2. Click the X in the upper right corner to close the comment box, and return to My Work.



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