How do I update My Work items?

Use “My Work by Due” or “My Work by Project” view to enter a percent number in the Percent Complete column in My Work. This lessons covers marking a work items as partially complete within My Work.

1. Activate the Ribbon

  1. Click on any work item to activate the ribbon.
  2. Click the Views tab.
  3. Click in the Current View box and select the My Work by Due or the My Work by Project view.

Note: In either of these views the % Complete Column is visible out of the box.

2. Expand the Due Category

  • Click the arrow to the left of the due category name to expand the list items.

3. Enter the Percent Complete

  1. Double click in the % Complete grid of the item to be updated.
  2. Enter the percent complete in the field. Tap your Enter key.

4. View the Updated Successfully Message

Click away from the grid and view the "Item was updated successfully" message in the upper right corner.



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