How do I submit another resource's timesheet?

When a resource is added to the system, they can be added as a timesheet delegate. A resource's timesheet delegate can fill out and submit the timesheet on behalf of another resource. The use case here could be that Resource A is out on vacation and their timesheet needs to be submitted. This particular resource's delegate (Resource B) could enter and submit the vacation time in Resource A's timesheet. This is one example use case that includes non work, but there may be others that include work (tasks/issues/etc.). This article covers submitting time for another resource as a timesheet delegate.

View Resource Delegate

  • In the above example, Marianne has been added as Adam's timesheet delegate. This means, Marianne can enter and submit time in Adam's timesheet during his absence.

View Timesheet

  1. By default, when navigating to My Timesheet, the timesheet of the resource who is logged in will be displayed.
  2. Click the Other Timesheets drop down menu.

Select Timesheet

Select Timesheet
  • Select the desired timesheet listed.

Select Add Non-Work Option

  • Select the Non-Work Option.

Check the Appropriate Box

  1. Check the appropriate box.
  2. Click Add.
  1. Enter hours in the grid to the right.
  2. Save and submit.



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