How do I start a workflow?

Workflows help teams collaborate on documents, manage project tasks, help increase organizational efficiency, and speed up decision making. Workflows also help ensure that individual workflow tasks are completed by the appropriate people and in the appropriate sequence. This article covers using a workflow to convert an issue to a task.

1. Click Issues  

  • Click the Issues link on the Navigation Menu.

2. Start Workflow

  1. Click the ellipsis menu to the right of the issue that will be converted to a task.
  2. Click the Workflows option.

Note: An alternative is to click the Workflows option on the ribbon, if the ribbon is present.

3. Click the Convert to a Task Link

  • Click the Convert to a Task link.

4. Click Start

Click Start
  • Click Start.  Only click the Start button ONCE.  It may take several seconds for the workflow to initiate, and if you click Start multiple times, you may end up having multiple instances of the workflow running at the same time. 

5. Click Tasks

  • Click Tasks on the Navigation Menu.

6. View the New Task

  • View the issue that has now been converted to a task.



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