How do I search for a resource?

The View Toolbar in the Resource Center makes it possible to do the following: search, filter, clear sorting, group, add or remove columns and change views using the View box. This article covers using the View Toolbar Search feature to search for a resource.

Note: Depending on your environment and your site permissions your screen may look different.

1. View the View Toolbar in the Resource Center

  • View the options available on the View Toolbar.

2. Click Search

  • Click the Search option.

2.1. Enter the User Name

  • Type the user name and select from the list of names that appear. Tap your Enter key.

2.2. View the Highlighted Name

  • View the Highlighted name.

2.3. View the Ellipsis Menu

  • Click the ellipsis menu (...) to the right of the resource name and view the menu options available.



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