How do I save a strategy in the Optimizer?

The Optimizer allows you to set up strategies by selecting options in either choice (state, project type, auto in or out) or number fields (sliders) to optimize on plans in EPM Live. For example, you can optimize on Service Requests, Projects Lists, and more. This lesson covers saving a strategy on selected project items in the Optimizer.

1. View the Project Items within the Selected Group

  • View the project items within the "Selected" group.

2. View the Filters Applied

  • View the filters applied.

3. Click Save Strategy

  • Click Save Strategy located on the ribbon.

4. Enter the Name of the Strategy

  1. Enter the name of the strategy.
  2. Click OK.

5. View the Strategy Displayed

  • View the strategy name displayed in the Current Strategy box. Once a strategy has been saved, it can be quickly returned to by selecting it from the Current Strategy drop-down menu.

Note: To save a strategy with the same name, clear the filters applied, make the desired changes, and re-save over the existing strategy name.



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