How do I navigate a site collection with department sites?

This article explains how to navigate an EPM Live site collection with department level sites. In this scenario, a user logs into the system and navigates from the top level site to his or her department site to manage projects, project team, schedules, cost planning, resource planning, etc.

1. Log in to EPM Live

  1. Navigate to your EPM Live Home Landing Page. Depending on whether you are a new customer or a pre-existing customer, the URL for your landing page may vary. Here is an example Home Landing Pages: Contact your Account Manager if you are unsure where to log in for your account.
  2. Enter your Username and Password. Depending on the environment, your username may or may not require the "epm\" domain in front of your username.
  3. Click the Sign In button.

2. View the Homepage

View the Homepage at the top of the site collection.

3. View Resource Pool

  1. Click the Resources link.
  2. View the resources added to the top level site. The resources from this list will be added to their perspective department level site(s).  

4. Navigate to Department Level Site

  1. Click the Workspaces icon.
  2. Select the desired workspace.

4.1. View the Department Site

View the Department level site.

4.2. Access Build Team for Department Level  

  1. To add or remove resources from the departmental level site, click the ellipsis menu.
  2. Select Edit team.

4.3. Add or Remove Resources

  1. Check the desired resource name box.
  2. Click the Add (Remove) button.
  3. Save and close.

4.4. View Resource Pool at Department Level Site

  1. Click the Resources link on the Navigation Menu.
  2. View the resources that have been added to this department site.

4.5. View the Navigation Menu

Each sub site has its own unique navigational menu. View the navigation menu and its relevant apps. It is at the departmental level that a project manager will manage projects, create and manage resource plans, cost plans, and schedules.  

5. Navigate to Top Level Site

  1. Click the Workspaces icon.
  2. Select the title of the top of the site collection. In this scenario, the top of the site collection was originally named Department925, thus the original name is displayed in the Navigation Menu. Note: The title of the site collection has been changed to iTrain Inc. but the changed name does not update on the Navigation Menu.



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