How do I mark a task as Shared or Individual?

A task can be marked as a Shared task (effort driven) or as an Individual task. If the task is noted as an Individual task, then each resource assigned to the task is responsible for the hours assigned individually. This lesson covers marking a task as an Individual task.

1. Click Assign Resources

  1. Select the task in the Project Planner.
  2. Click Assign Resources on the ribbon.

2. View the Details Box

  • View the Details Box to the right.

Note: A task that is a Shared task is one that the hours are shared between the resources assigned. For example, if the task is a Shared task as shown above and another resource is added to this task, the work will be divided and each will be assigned 4 hours each.

3. Add a Second Resource

  1. Check the name of another resource in the Assigned To column.
  2. Click OK.

4. View the Shared Work in the Details Box

  1. View the Work column.
  2. View the resource names
  3. View the Work column within the Details box.

5. Change Task Type to Individual

  1. Select another task.
  2. Click in the Task Type field and select the Individual option.

6. Add Additional Resource

  1. Click in the Assigned To grid.
  2. Check the box to the right of a second resource.
  3. Click OK.

7. View the Details Box

  • View the Details Box and the additional added resource and the hours assigned.

Note:  It is possible to change the number of hours assigned by typing over the hours under the Work column.

8. Enter Hours

  • Enter the desired hours to the right of the added resource name in the Details box and tap your Enter key.

9. View the Work Column Total

  • View the adjusted Work Total number.

10. Close the Details Box

  • Click the double headed arrows in the upper right corner to close the Details Box.

11. Click Save

  • Click Save.



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