How do I mark a project as closed?

Ideally, when a project is considered complete it is best practice to clean up the schedule by marking the tasks as complete. Then, if the the update mode is schedule driven, then after publishing, the project item will be updated as 100% complete and should then be closed. In closing a project, there are a few steps that are recommended and considered best practice. These steps include: mark all tasks as 100%  complete in the plan, publish the plan with all tasks marked 100%, update the Resource Plan so resources are not committed in future periods, change project state to (3) Closed, and update any other applicable fields on the project form (ex: status, lessons learned, etc.). This article covers the steps mentioned in closing a project.

1. Update Tasks

  1. Click the ellipsis menu to the right of the project name.
  2. Select the Edit Plan option.

1.1. Select the Planner

  • Select the Planner.

1.2. Mark Tasks as Complete

  1. Mark each task as complete (100%). Part of the process to close a project would be that the project manager should confirm all tasks have been marked complete and all time has been accurately entered on the project.
  2. Save.
  3. Publish and close the planner.

1.3. Un-check Timesheet Boxes

  • For any complete tasks, the project manager should edit the plan, un-check the Timesheet box for those tasks. Keep in mind, the Project Manager should wait until the users have added the items to their timesheets before un-checking the Timesheet box. This will prevent the tasks from showing on the Add Work page and thus the tasks will no longer be added in the timesheets as new tasks. Be sure to save and publish these changes.

2. Update Resource Plan

  1. Click the ellipsis menu to the right of the project name.
  2. Select the Edit Resource Plan option.

2.1. Update the Resource Plan

  1. Update the resource periods by removing any future committed periods.
  2. Save.
  3. Close the resource plan.

3. Update Project Details

  1. Click the ellipsis menu to the right of the project name.
  2. Select the Edit Item option.

3.1. Update the State and Lifecycle

  1. Update the State to Closed.
  2. Update the Lifecycle Stage to Closed.

3.2. Verify / Update Scheduling Method

  • Verify the Project Update option is Schedule Driven.
  • Save.

Note: If the update mode is Manual, the project item should be updated to 100% complete by the project manager.



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