How do I manage Custom Fields in Project Publisher?

The Project Publisher Custom Fields list includes many of the out-of-box Microsoft Project fields for purposes of mapping and publishing such project fields to an EPM Live site. However, if a desired field does not exist in the default Project Publisher Custom Fields list, you can create a custom Microsoft Project field and then publish that data to your Project or Task Center list in EPM Live. This article covers creating and mapping a custom field in Microsoft Project Schedule field and publishing it to the Task Center and or Project Center lists in an EPM Live site.

Use Case: A Project Manager wants to pull in a previously created custom field that exists in EPM Live into his/her new project schedule in Microsoft Project. This article is using Task Type as a custom field example, but this could be any custom field for your organizations use.

1. View Custom Field

View Custom Field
  1. Select the Select Columns Box.
  2. View the custom field Task Type that has been added by the site collection administrator. Note the internal name of this field is Text12, but has been updated to Task Type as the display name.

2. Launch Your Project Plan

  1. Navigate to the Project Center in EPM Live.
  2. Select the desired project item and edit the plan.

2.1 Select Microsoft Project

Select Microsoft Project

Select the Microsoft Project option.

3. Insert Column

Insert Column

Right-click any column in the project schedule and select Insert Column. Select a Field Name that is being used and that matches your data type (i.e., Number, Text, etc.). This should have been provided by the site collection administrator previously. In the following example, the Text12field has been selected for purposes of publishing text values from the project schedule to an EPM Live site. The internal name of this field is Text12 but has been changed (updated) to Task Type in EPM Live.

3.1. Rename Custom Field

Rename Custom Field
  1. Right click in the Custom Field heading.
  2. Select Custom Fields from the menu options.

3.2. Update Custom Field

Update Custom Field

Select the Lookup... box if applicable. If this is a plain text or number field, this step is not necessary.

3.3. Add Choices

Add Choices
  1. Add the desired choices.
  2. Click Close.

3.4. OK


Click OK.

4. Enter Field Values

Enter Field Values

In the custom column, fill out the scheduled tasks as needed.

5. Open the Publisher Menu

6.  Select Project Options
7.  Select Custom Fields

8.  Map Custom Field

Map Custom Field
  1. Select the appropriate tab, whether this is a Project Center field or a Task Center field.
  2. Select the field name on left and then click the Add button to move the custom field to the right.
  3. Save. This will map the field values to EPM Live when you next publish.

Note: If you saved your custom field as a Project Center field, it will show in the Project Information window when you publish next.

8.1 Make Editable Field in SharePoint

In the SharePoint Fields column located in the Task Center Tab, highlight the field that you want to make editable and select Make Editable Field in SharePoint. Any fields in the SharePoint Fields column, but not selected as editable, will still publish to EPM Live, but will not be editable.

8.2  Additional Project Fields

Fields that remain in the left Project Fields column will NOT publish their values to EPM Live. This applies to both the Project Center and Task Center tabs.

9.  Publish


Click Publish located under the Publisher tab.

Note: The custom field will be available for all new projects using your instance of MS Project going forward.

10. View the Task Center


View the custom field values published to the Task Center.



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