How do I make tasks available in timesheets in the Project Planner?

This lesson covers making tasks available for timesheets in the Project Planner.

1. Check the Timesheet Box

  • To make a task available for timesheets, check the box under the Timesheet column to specify the task is a timesheet item. Repeat this step for additional timesheet items.

Note: When a project is closed, it is best practice for the project manager to confirm all tasks have been marked complete and all time has been accurately entered on the project. For any complete tasks, the project manager should edit the plan, un-check the Timesheet box for those tasks. Keep in mind, the Project Manager should wait until the users have added the items to their timesheets before un-checking the Timesheet box. This will prevent the tasks from showing on the Add Work page.

2. Click Save

  • Click Save.The task will now be available in timesheets.



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