How do I link tasks in the Project Planner?

This lessons covers linking tasks in the Project Planner.

1. Click the Link Button

To link tasks in the Project Planner:

  1. Select the tasks using the Control key.
  2. Click the Link button.

2. Select the Link Type

  • Click in the Link Type field and select the link type from the listed options.

2.1. View the Task Relationship Types

  • View the different task relationship types.

3. Click the Add Link Button

  1. If needed, add the number of lag time (days).
  2. Click the Add Link button.

Note: Lag days are noted with a plus (+) sign and equal the number of extra days needed. Lead days are indicated with a minus (-) sign. To add a lag, type a number in the lag field (e.g. +2).

4. Click Save

  • Click Save.

5. View Predecessors Column

  • View the Task ID number in the Predecessors column.



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